ICOM MXR-5000T Radar

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Radar passande Marine Commander system

ICOM MXR-5000T Radar

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  • ICOM MXR-5000T Radar



Marine Radar

Radar (Open Array) 4 kW For MarineCommander System 

The MXR-5000T marine radar which includes MXR-5000T consists of MXR5000 Radar main unit and EX2780 scanner unit provides clear target discrimination. Waypoint and AIS target can be overlaid on the radar screen. The marine radar helps with collision avoidance and increases your safety at sea. The radar images can be overlaid on the plotter screen in the same scale and helps the user to detect the dangerous objects.

Simplified ATA (Automatic Tracking Aid) 
The simplified ATA function allows you to plot up to 10 targets and the radar continues to track the targets automatically. The ATA targets can be overlaid on the plotter screen.

 Radar screen
Radar screen

ATA detail shown on the plotter screen
ATA detail is shown on the plotter screen

ATA List
ATA List




 Radar unit

• DC input voltage : 10.8 V to 31.2 V DC
• Power consumption :   Less than 5.5 A at 12.0 V (MXR-5000T)
• Usable temperature range : –20°C to +60°C; –4˚F to 140˚F
• Dimensions (projections not included) : 250(W)×67(H)×200(D) mm; 9.84(W)×2.64(H)×7.87 (D) in
• Weight (approx.) : 2.1 kg; 4.62 lb


Scanner unit


◆ EX-2780 (Open array)

• Type  : 120 cm (4 ft.) Slotted Waveguide Array
• Rotation speed (typical)  : 24 rpm, 36 rpm, 48 rpm 
• Beam width (typical)  : Horizontal beam 2˚ Vertical beam 25˚
• Side lobe (typical) : –24 dB
• Polarization : Horizontal
• Transmission frequency : 9410 MHz ±30 MHz P0N
• Peak output power : 4 kW
• Pulse width : 80 ns/2880Hz, 80 ns/2160 Hz, 250 ns/2160 Hz, 350 ns/2160 Hz, 900 ns/720 Hz
• Mixer and Local Oscillator : Microwave Integrated Circuit
• Transmitting Tube : Magnetron MAF1421B
• Modulator : FET switching
• Duplexer : Circulator 
• Tuning system : Automatic/manual selectable
• Intermediate frequency  : 60 MHz 
• IF Band width : 10 MHz, 3 MHz
• Diameter of rotation/height : 1205/381 mm; 47.4/15 in
• Usable temperature range : –25˚C to +70˚C; –13˚F to 158˚F
• Relative Humidity : Less than 95% at 35˚C (+95˚F)
• Weight (approx.) : 17 kg; 37.4 lb (without cable)




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