Weatherdock A027 Antennsplitter för AIS transponder /VHF/FM

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Weatherdock A027
Dela en antenn AIS transponder + VHF + FM

Nu äntligen kan du utnyttja din vanliga antenn även för AIS transpondern !!

För AIS-transponder klass B. Gör det möjligt att dela en befintlig VHF-antenn med en AIS-mottagare eller AIS-transponder utan att VHF-sändaren sänder in i transpondern eller AIS-mottagaren.

Även utgång för AM/FM-radio

Tillverkaren säger:


The easySPLIT OCB (OCB stand for Operates Class B) is checking whether there is a transmission power from the VHF radio or the Class B AIS receiver to the Antenna. If this is the case the easySPLIT efficiently and quickly disconnects fast any other receiver units like the AIS receiver and car radio. If all the units are in reception mode, the units are all connected to the same antenna.

A very fast disconnection is necessary, because the Class B AIS Transceiver transmits signals with 2 W power in a very short time. Therefore the used splitter must disconnect the other units even faster than the Class B AIS transceiver is giving out its first message. For example the easySPLIT OCB is disconnecting the other units faster than 1ms 

As the easySPLIT OCB is a splitter, you need nothing else other than your existing units (e.g. VHF antenna) and of course a power supply. 

All existing VHF Radios, all existing AIS Class B transceivers and all existing FM radios can be connected to the easySPLIT. Nevertheless the optimum of performance is achieved if you use other units from the Weatherdock AG company, because these units are designed to work together perfectly.


  • Frequency selective power divider with 2 Transmit/Receive port (VHF Radio and Class B AIS ) and 1 receiver port
  • VHF Radio (IN/OUT): 50Ohm, SO239
  • AIS Transceiver: 50Ohm, BNC
  • FM Radio: 50 Ohm, BNC
  • VHF Antenna: 50Ohm, SO 239
  • Power: 9v-28VDC, @<120mA (Average of different modes)
  • Ambient conditions: under deck, 0°C to 60°C
  • 140mm (l) x 140mm (w) x 35mm (h)
  • Weight: app. 400gr
  • Active VHF Splitter to connect through the standard VHF antenna: VHF Radio, AIS transceiver Class B (Recommended for use with easyTRX)or AIS receiver, FM car radio
  • Enlarged DC power input

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