SUNBEAMsystem Tough Fold 41.5W

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Exceptional portable solar panel.

The new Tough Fold series are the most durable and most portable solar panels you could ever wish for. As a part of the Tough family, the Fold has inherited the same sturdy cell cover. The laminated textile outside, combined with the soft edges and stiff center core, offers an exquisite and functional solar panel.

The laminated one-piece design results in a completely waterproof solution, greatly improving life expectancy. When unfolded, the size is remarkably small thanks to highly efficient solar cells. The folded size is extremely small in all dimensions thanks to the one-piece construction and the extremely flat junction box.

For full compatibility with industry-standard solar panel equipment the panel utilizes waterproof MC4 connectors. Connection and disconnection are made easy by the extra finger-friendly construction of the connectors. We recommend using the 41W and 62W models in combination with the incredibly small Mini-R solar charge controller.

• Tough cell protection
• Laminated textile cover
• Lightweight & Compact
• One piece design
• Waterproof

The revolutionary Tough Surface
Made from extremely durable materials and fitted with an anti-slip profile. The Tough surface catches more light than glass, resulting in a higher daily production.

The best Sunpower solar cells
The Sunpower™ Maxeon cells are by far the best and most efficient solar cells currently available, resulting in the highest possible production per m2. As well as a unbeaten lifetime expectancy.


Article# P Pmax Ptol Max Sys. Volt. Voc Isc Vmp Imp
TZ84x30 41.5W 41.5W ±3% 30V 24.48V 2.11A 20.88V 1.99A
TZ85x42 62W 62W ±3% 30V 24.48V 3.16A 20.88V 2.99A
TZ176x42 124.5W 124.5W ±3% 30V 24.48V 6.32A 20.88V 5.97A


Article# Cell Shadow Opt. Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight Cable Length 3M film Holes


>22.5% No 300 840 0.7 kg 0.15 m No 4 x 9mm
TZ85x42 >22.5% No 420 850 1.1 kg 0.15 m No 4 x 9mm
TZ176x42 >22.5% No 420 1715 2.2kg 0.15 m No 4 x 9mm


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