SUNBEAMsystem Tough+ 116W Carbon QuickFix

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Med LOXXknappar för Canvas - 1078*554mm


The Tough+ Carbon 116W Quick Fix is a highly advanced panel, capable of transforming your sprayhood and bimini into efficient solar power generators. Mounting a large solar panel on a canvas surface has always been a challenge, mostly because of the lack of structural support which will increase the risk of early panel failure. Standard so called flexible solar panels will experience material fatigue due to movements by wind.

By reinforcing the panel with carbon fiber, the Carbon model achieves the perfect strength to weight ratio needed to tackle this problem. It makes the panel not only stiff enough to support itself, but also light enough to protect the underlying canvas from damages. The soft transparent edges do not only protect the fabric from wear, but also provide a smooth color transition from any colored top to the uniform black panel surface.

The Quick Fix system allows for quick and easy mounting, using stainless steel LOXX buttons and waterproof MC4 connectors

Tough Carbon can be fitted either with the Quick Fix buttons intended for Canvas or the Carbon Velcro Batten which will attach to the Carbon panel with the existing buttons and then to the canvas by the included Velcro which is sewn onto the underlying canvas.

· Carbon fibre reinforced
· For Sprayhood & Bimini
· Quick Fix or Velcro mounting
· Shadow Optimized
· 5 years warranty

The revolutionary Tough Surface
Made from extremely durable materials and fitted with an anti-slip profile. The Tough surface catches more light than glass, resulting in a higher daily production.

The best Sunpower solar cells
The Sunpower™ Maxeon cells are by far the best and most efficient solar cells currently available, resulting in the highest possible production per m2. As well as a unbeaten lifetime expectancy.

Shadow Optimization technology
Most models are equipped with our protected Shadow Optimized technology to improve production in shadow rich environments.



Article# P Pmax Ptol Max Sys. Volt. Voc Isc Vmp Imp
T54x53QF 55W 55.4W ±3% 45V (45V) 25.11V 3.16A 19.5v 2.82A
TPC107x55QF 116W 116.1W ±3% 45V (80V) 23.07V 6.15A 19.87V 5.84A


Article# Cell Shadow Opt. Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight Cable Length 3M film Holes
T54x53QF >22.5% Yes 535 555 1 kg 2 x 0,7m No 4 x LOXX
TPC107x55QF 23.7% Yes 554 1078 2.8 kg 2 x 0,7m No 6 x LOXX


Carbon Velcro Batten

For use of the Carbon model in heavy wind or on fast-moving vessels, we recommend the Carbon Velcro Batten. These will even out the forces on the underlying canvas using velcro strips. Velcro part for sewing on to the canvas is included in black color.

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