SUNBEAMsystem [MC4 T-Pieces]

MC4 T-förgrening (1 par)

MC4 T-förgrening (1 par)

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kr189,00 inkl. moms

MC4 Parallellkoppling

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1 par med 1st Hane och 1st Hona

Användes för att säkert och vattentätt parallellkoppla solpaneler med MC4-kontakter.

Tekniska data

The connector uses within the drum-shaped patch, male and female head and the wiring box and cable used in conjunction with PPO materials, housing has a strong anti-aging, anti-UV capability, found in outdoor use under harsh environmental conditions required, cable connections using self-locking into a fixed structure and connected, of male and female head of fixed self-locking with a stable organization, opening and closing freely with MC4 perfect bonding.

Maximum working voltage: DC1000V
Rated Current: 30A
Flame class: UL94-V0
Pollution degree: 2
Contact resistance: ≤5mmΩ
Shell Protection degree: IP67
Specification of Connecting Line: 4mm2
Safety Level: class‖
Insertion force: ≤50N
Withdrawal force: ≥50N

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